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JIA Dreams Communications was founded in August 2001 with core business in sales and promotion. Over time, our experience and competencies have continued to grow until our list of business expertise expands to event management, activation, sales force service, branding, production, and customer retention.

In early 2020, we developed Digital and Hybrid Services to respond to the latest market trends, and integrate all of our services with the implementation of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocols.

We have also developed and implemented a data protection policy that provides an adequate level of protection as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


We have a network of suppliers, vendors, and field workers throughout Indonesia, covering big cities and in remote areas.


Branding & Production

  • Outside
  • Inside
  • At Shelf
We help clients enhance the visual appeal of their products through packaging, POSM materials production, and making branding properties. We never limit creativity, so we can even produce any properties that have never imagined before.


  • Offline Activation
  • Hybrid Sampling & Selling
We are experienced in doing personal selling in public spaces. We can help you develop creative sales methods, including sales conversations guides and eye-catching visual elements to grab consumer interest. We provide offline and hybrid activation services according to client needs.

Sales Force Services

  • Outsourcing For Promotion Staff
  • E-Commerce Services
When you need promotion staff, we are there. We have the experience and expertise in providing the perfect extension for your brand in on-site promotion events. We train our promotional staff to be target achievers, fully confident, and can communicate your brand message in the right way. We also handle HR management from administration, payroll, to insurance.

Event Management

  • Offline Event
  • Virtual Event
  • Hybrid Event
We organize innovative and creative events to create strong connections between brands and consumers through meaningful experiences. We also help our clients develop integrated marketing strategies, whether for offline, hybrid, or online events.

The Supplier Shop

  • Customized Souvenir
  • Wellness Gift Basket
  • Work From Home Hampers
The Supplier Shop is an online store that specializes in company souvenirs, promotional items, special merchandise, wellness gift, and health products. You can order any item and customize it with your brand. We provide customized service for any company to show care and appreciation for customers, employees, or business partners.

Customer Retention

  • Raffle Management
  • Reward Management
We can help you to engage and retain your best customers, loyal employees, and business partners by providing them with attractive and meaningful rewards. We help you manage the retention program successfully so you can build strong business relationships, which will lead to increased gross profit.

Other Business Unit

  • Incentive & Adventure Travel Management
  • Books & Magazine Publisher
We manage other business entities that are experienced in handle incentive and adventure travel management for corporate. We also have a licensed publishing unit that can help you to release a book or magazine.


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